The Parking application has three functions:

1. Payment of parking
The application provides automatic pay when you park at public car parks in Aalborg.

2. Automatic parking disc function
The application provides automated information to P-guards of the allowed parking time you have when you park at a local time-limited car park in Aalborg.

3. SMS service
When you park in car parks with time restriction in Aalborg Midtby, a text message will be sent 15 minutes before time expires.

A digital map with parking places has been developed, and zones at all sites or roads with car parks with restrictions are established. When your car has stopped, the application checks whether the car is within one of the parking zones. If so, the parking charge is paid automatically according to payment requirements in the zone. This means that payment is automatic if it is an area with a payment, and you are informed before the parking time within areas with a time limit expires.

The project cooperates with Aalborg Municipality, City Engineers Office and Parking North, which is attached to the Emergency Center Aalborg. Furthemore the project cooperates with the Nets on funds transfers/direct debit service.

Here you can se a map of the public parking spaces in Aalborg.