ITS Backend Server is the heart of the ITS Platform. The server is collecting, processing and transmitting traffic information. The server is in the middle of the infrastructure, where it on one side communicates with all OnBoard Units (OBUs) via a secured closed network APN (Access Point Name) and on the other side communicates with the users (drivers) via secured connections over the Internet or telecommunications network service (SMS).

The backend server's main task is to be the platform for all applications built on top. It thus ensures that an application can communicate with the OBUs, receive FCD (Floating Car Data) from the cars and return control messages, if the application would need this. The server keeps track of all cars and users - which rights users have, and which services are available. Furthermore, the server's job is to keep track of OBU-configurations - which software should be on the device, which applications, how is the basic functionality configured?

The term "platform" has been chosen to signal that this whole set-up can be used to test new exciting ITS ideas. The platform is both Backend Server, OBUs and communication infrastructure. This also means that an application will typically consist of some software in the OBU, some data in backend server and a WEB application on the user's PC or smartphone. The WEB application can also be hosted by the backend server.

ghTrack, which is the generic GateHouse Tracking Platform the Backend server is built upon, provides a toolkit available, so that applications can easily and quickly be built and hosted. The very simple solution - to get an FCD flow - is of course also an option. The server also allows the applications to send e-mails or SMS messages to users of the applications.
To exemplify the usefulness of the platform, the project implements a number of test applications as described here on this website.
The large amounts of FCD, which are generated from the project, will be used for various research projects. The Backend server facilitates this research by providing access to historical data.

The Backend server is based on ghTrack, which is a generic tracking platform, already used in many maritime surveillance solutions for coastguards around the world. The platform is also applicable in complex tracking and monitoring systems for fleet management in the larger carriers.