Facts about the InnBox

The task of the InnBox is to act as a liaison between the ITS server, the individual vehicle and the driver. The InnBox is a mobile unit which is installed not visible in the vehicle. When the vehicle is in motion, the unit will report the position and speed to the server, which enables it to include these data in applications that you as a driver make use of. The collected data  will be treated and then communicated back to the driver of the vehicle.

The InnBox (developed by Inntrasys) is a mobile platform, developed especially for mobile ITS services. Dedicated services and applications can run on the InnBox through a set of open interfaces. The mobile platform architecture of the InnBox together with the ITS server is a comprehensive and highly flexible ITS infrastructure. The platform includes the technologies which are essential for products that must meet the relevant requirements from the EU. The InnBox also contains a number of other technologies and sensors in order to support advanced ITS services, including "car to car"- and "car to infrastructure"-communication. It has a safe communication interface to the driver and is also easy and inexpensive installed. The InnBox can be continuously updated with new applications and features via GPRS.