ITS is the abbreviation for Intelligent Transportation Systems, which covers systems and services that can contribute to more efficient traffic flow and better road safety. This includes ITS Platform, which helps to make traffic safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

ITS Platform consists of a mobile unit (called an InnBox) in the cars and an ITS server system. The InnBox collects information about the driver’s position, speed, acceleration, direction, etc. The data is sent to the ITS server, where it is processed and then sent back to the drivers. This information is called Floating Car Data (FCD). This means that ITS platform collects traffic data, produces targeted traffic information and transmits this information to the drivers who have the need for it.  Among other things this will give drivers the opportunity to get targeted and individual traffic information while driving.

The InnBox and the ITS server constitutes the entire platform. The platform will provide a basis for developing systems that provide drivers with intelligent solutions with different applications. The applications will be fully functional and can serve as inspiration for further product development. At first, the following applications will be developed:


The platform provides automatic payment for parking. Also, at time limited parking a message is sent to the driver before time expires. This application is developed in corporation with Aalborg municipality, Parking North and Nets (PBS).

Driving Statistics

This function can be used to collect and document data on driving style (eg. eco-driving and risky driving), which may be relevant to both the road users themselves and employers. In addition, you can print a log of your driving, which meets SKAT’s (Danish taxes) requirements for a driver's logbook. In case of theft, the car can quickly be traced.

Traffic Information

The project collaborates with DR (Danish broadcaster), the Road Directorate and Aalborg municipality on how the collected data can improve the current traffic information for the benefit of all road users - even those who do not have the system installed in their cars. It can be information such as warning about congestion and information about accidents on certain routes.

Traffic Statistics

ITS platform will collect data, which can be used to map the locations of congestion, congestion-dependent travel times and locations with speeding violations. This information can be used by public authorities but also by private actors who develop and use route planning and fleet management.

The aim is to develop applications that can later be sold on commercial terms and to develop applications that are so attractive that drivers in North Jutland voluntarily sign up to be test drivers.

A platform

In the project it is emphasized that the system is a platform. The platform is the foundation on which the actual ITS applications and services rest.

The fact that the platform spans over the entire central server architecture and into the related vehicles provides a unique opportunity to design services and applications that exploit these conditions. The applications on the ITS server can communicate with the applications on the InnBox, the applications can draw on the general ITS functionality and data can flow freely in both directions and be exchanged with other systems. ITS Platform is an open platform where a solid foundation with a broad surface for use in the targeted applications is developed. This can be support systems for economical driving and will also be suitable for a demonstration project on GPS-based road pricing.

500 cars will be testing the system

To test the system the InnBox is installed in 500 cars in North Jutland. The InnBox is thereby making it possible to obtain information about the individual vehicle movements and to get in touch with each car and its driver through the InnBox. A central part of the project is to build an organization on the one hand, developing the necessary technologies and applications while on the other hand providing the necessary support and service to the participating drivers. Therefore, significant amounts of resources is set aside to locate participants, installing the InnBoxes in the cars and keep them running optimally.

Interested parties are invited to test applications on the new platform, and the open structure of ITS platform reduces costs of development and testing of new ITS applications and services for the interested companies.

Industrial Development

ITS platform is an important step in North Jutland’s regional ITS strategy in which North Jutland aims at being the Danish ITS region where new technologies are developed and tested before being implemented throughout the country. The project is led by Aalborg University, and will be a catalyst for the development of an ITS cluster in North Jutland.
ITS Platform is a project of 34.7 million DKK and is implemented over the period 2010-2013. The project was made possible by a grant from the European Regional Fund of 9.1 million DKK and regional development funds of 8.2 million DKK. Furthermore, the project is also supported with DKK 250,000 from the Spar Nord Foundation and DKK 250,000 from The Obel Family Foundation. The remaining funding comes from Aalborg University, Inntrasys and GateHouse.


The project is implemented by Aalborg University in collaboration with Inntrasys, whichdevelops the InnBoxes and GateHouse, whichhandles the server side of the platform with data management and application development. Also participating is Aalborg municipality, Emergency Center Aalborg, DR, The Danish Road Directorate and Nets (PBS).